Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Invisible Man


These photos were taken many years ago when I visited Pangbourne to look a couple of Churches and take some photos around the village. Pangbourne lays on the River Thames where the River Pang joins it. The Railway also runs past just behind where I am stood taking the photo below.  One of the first things you see when you come into the village from the station side is this sign, I remember it appearing when I went to school one day. It depicts the King of Mercia who granted some land here. Now quite what a King of Mercia was doing owning land in Wessex is beyond me. The ship I suppose represents the Vikings who were always raiding the area as the had a stronghold in Reading

Going a little further along you see the road leading through the town

the junction here takes you to Theale on the right and Reading straight ahead

A little way along the Theale road are these old buildings, one you can see is the Post Office

Old shop fonts and a pub

The Post Office entrance which I don't think is use now

These old cottages are opposite the church

and is at the bottom of Shooters Hill

I think this may be an old dovecote but the cottage on the left here was where Kenneth Grahame lived till he died in 1932

Another view of the pub on the Theale road

The Hotel I remember here near the Tee junction was called the Elephant could not tell you what it's called now

Above the River Pang which goes to giving Pangbourne it's name

The centre of the town looking towards Reading

The George Hotel

Old shop fronts here have not changed much since Victorian times

Above the road leading to Witchurch and the George again on the left

The Witchurch road heads on under this bridge past this Ghost sign.

I'll bring you some photos of what is on the other side of the bridge in another blog. Have a Great Tuesday

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Denby Sky

To finish off my Denby theam this week a photo showing the sky over Denby Pottery

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tea for Two


Monday, 13 February 2017

Denby Outlet

You probably have all heard of Denby least wise the name as many of you will be eating of their dining plates. This story starts with a shopping trip to Newbury where my dear wife spotted some Denby pottery for sale and though we should get some for the caravan in stead of the Melamine ones we have used. So we purchased some  plates an one bowl thinking one of the other stores would have some. After shopping around to no avail we had given up. Then my  my wife said we should go to Denby for the day
and so we went and here are a few photos from the trip

The main entrance to the outlet shop and a plaque with a name you might recognise from my last weeks blogs

The store as you walk in. Now I can only liken it to how a child feels like when they walk in sweet shop or toy store. My wide did not know which way to look or go first but like a homing pigeon she went straight to what she wanted 

After we went and had a look around the whole outlet and had some lunch I the restaurant nearby and I can vouch for it, made a nice cup of tea and the sandwiches were fresh

Had a quick walk down to the road to see the main factory which does tours twice a day

Pottery road side of the factory, think you go in here for the tour. That was it for use. After looking in the main shop and spotting the outlet part of the shop I persuaded my wife to check out what was on sale there and we ended up with the bowl a tea pot and a couple of mugs for half price because they were slightly seconds. Well worth it

 Have a good week everyone

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Lowbury Hill Sky

This was the culmination of my Ridgeway walk the place I had wanted to get a photo, it's called Deans Bottom and I needed a photo of it for my Exploration Blog for a one I am putting together (all will be revealed then) I still need to go to a footpath in the distance and get a shot uphill. If you followed  along this valley you will come to the Thames at Moulsford.

Right behind where I took the last photo is Lowbury Hill and this is the trig point on the top I think it marks 165 meters above sea level (584FT). You are looking right across the Berkshire Downs and the Ridgeway which is over to the left out of sight. Over to the right you can make out the Harwell Campus and Diamond Light Source. From this point you can see for miles all around. One of the interesting things here are the remains of a Roman Temple though all you can See is a series of humps and a few Tumulus

Below is a panoramic of Deans Bottom, I live over to the left about 5 miles in the distance

Another Panoramic of Lowbury Hill

This one is looking the other way towards my Village

Hope you enjoyed this weeks skywatch

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Royal Visit

Diamond Light Source is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary plus 10 years of operation and research Since HM the Queen opened the facility. On this occasion HRH Princess Royal was invited along to unveil a couple of plaques to commemorate this event.

 No camera so had to use my phone and took this through the project office window of  Princess Anne being shown a model of Diamond by CEO Andrew Harrison

 Technical Director Richard Walker escorts HRH into the Storage Ring

Then proceeds to tell HRH all about the Storage Ring 

 After they had gone on a tour I popped round to where the ceremony would take place. I might add the large piece of equipment you see is part of the storage facility and was put in 12 years ago and carried beam around till six months ago when it was removed and new updated part replaced it.

  Here CEO Andrew Harrison gives a speech with HRH Princess Anne looking on


 Princess Anne gives a short Speech

 Then unveils the plaques while Andrew Harrison looks very happy

 Princess Anne reading the Plaques

Princess Anne signs the visitors book 

After every one had gone I went back and took a photo of the plaques that were unveiled and will be put in place on a later date

 Here is to another 15 years of Diamond Light Source