Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Blue Plaque

Back in March just after we had the snow my son had problems getting to work I Oxford so I dropped him off so he did not loose out on his pay. I had read about a Blue plaque  and I wanted to go and get a photo of it as it meant a lot too me.

 This is the old Oxford Instruments building, back in 1972 I walked through the door you see for the first time. I had finished my apprenticeship the weekend before and was starting a new job

 This looks down the side, just you can see an entrance which used to be the loading bay, the building behind was not there but a few outbuildings and a Boathouse which is where OI started life on this plot of ground before expanding to become the one of the biggest manufacturers of Superconducting  Magnets. 

  On the wall near the entrance you can see this Blue plaque. It was unveiled by Sir Martin Wood who started Oxford Instruments 
It tells you that the first Superconducting Magnet for MRI scanning was built in this building

Now you can see why it meant a lot to me, I was there when they built it and remember seeing the first body scanner in the building.

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Catkin sky

Took this photo of some catkins on a tree Sunday and noticed the dark sky behind

Thursday, 5 April 2018

December Sunrise

Looking back at some photos I took towards the end of December I found some of a sunset I took on the way home after dropping my son off at work.

 Stopped off on Hagbourne hill and took this phototowards Blewbury

 The right a bit looking towards the downs

 At the top of the Halfpenny Lane at Moulsford I took thi sview towards Streatley
 The hill here is the side of the Moulsford downs

 The red sky over Streatley

 Just outside Cholsey and the small hill with the sun just riseing

The vaportrails highlighted in the moring sunrise


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Llynheilyn Lake

Llynheilyn lake is just off the A44 at Fforest Inn and you drive right past  going towards Hundred House We stopped off quickly to let the dogs have a quick break before we reached the campsite a little further along

The lake with the surrounding hills still with snow on

I always thought the lake flooded across the road 

But it's marked on the map as a ford

and runs away as a stream with a temporary snow bridge across it nearby

The lake usually has a lot of wild fowl on it  though there were few around when we stopped off

Last look and we were off
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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sunday Morning

 I could not help but tke a photo of the lake on a clear Sunday moring last week

The lake was so calm and sky so clear

Taking part in SkyWatch Frday
Have a Happy Easter everyone